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Mar 16, 2016

Communication and Language


The staff team have been working really closely with outside agencies, and have been particularly interested in the work around Communication and Language, and how this can best be supported. On the 10th March, we cunningly stole our local authority Speech & Language Therapist Jenny Prior, to come in after hours and deliver some training!

The training was excellent for staff and was very motivating. The staff found some aspects of the training exceptionally useful, so useful in fact that we thought we would share a part of it with you too.

The part we thought would be great for parents was the ‘Communication Pyramid’. The Pyramid from bottom to top shows how different areas of communication development support each other. The bottom of the pyramid is the foundation layer, on which the other skills are built, so showing that speech which is at the top of the pyramid (and the ultimate goal when we are thinking about Communication and Language) can only develop, if the foundations (the skills on the bottom layer of the pyramid) are well developed.

We hope you find this as useful as we did!