We hope you'll find these comments about our nursery useful ...

"My main impression of the nursery, is that the staff are very welcoming, friendly and confident. I am impressed with the layout of the nursery - it is open plan with specified areas for play, eating and sleeping, very bright, and with a secure outside playing area. The baby room has a secure nurturing feel to it, a real ‘home from home’.

 Having worked in nurseries in the past, I quickly decided that this would be the perfect nursery for my daughter to attend while I am at work.

She started at the nursery when she was 14 months old, and settled in very quickly. Those first feelings a mother often has – “is it the right choice?”, “Is she going to be alright?”, “will the staff understand her needs?” - were quickly dispersed.

 The Management and staff are always smiling and always happy to answer any questions. The walls are decorated with the lovely creative work of the children. My daughter has thrived tremendously in her milestones, formed trusting relationships with the staff, and my daughter - along with the other children - is always happy and smiling.  Thank you to you all".

The White family

"Our 3 year old son has attended the nursery since he was 16 months old and I couldn't be happier with the care he has been given. The staff really love the children and my son happily leaves me each morning looking forward to the exciting day ahead. I love the fact that the staff involve children in day-to-day activities such as preparing lunch (which he always enjoys) and they have recently started taking toothbrushes in to learn how to clean their teeth properly! His key worker was tremendously supportive during potty training and giving up his dummy. As a Primary School teacher myself, I am pleased with his academic development and like the fact that his key worker is always happy to feed back to me at the end of the day about activities that they have done and areas that I can be working on at home.

Despite all of this, for me, the most important thing is that he has had a fun day, is safe and secure and comes home with a smile on his face and lots of tales to tell about his day".

Nicola Marchesi

"My 2½ year old daughter, Skye, has settled into the nursery perfectly. Every day she wakes up in an excited mood for nursery. She loves Alice, Sue and Clare. They are (as quoted by Skye) “The Best”. Skye has come a long way with her speech and writing since being at this nursery. She always comes out with stories about her day. I love the fact that children are treated as individuals and are spoken to like adults. I feel my daughter has benefited from coming here, as I have seen huge amounts of improvement."

Skye’s Mum, Samantha


"It’s a fun nursery and has lot of toys to play with after a hard day of school."

Jermaine’s Sister, Evelyn


"All the staff at Lavender Hill put their effort, patience, kindness and hearty support and caring to my child. He has learned a lot, and he has developed as a child. We are very happy and proud of our child’s development at the nursery."

Joro’s parents, Romeo and Eden


“Children are very happy and settled in the nursery, and happily explore the well laid out rooms using an excellent range of resources, which ensures the children are safe and supported well to practice and acquire new skills. Children receive an abundance of attention from all of the staff which greatly builds on the children’s self esteem and their confidence to thrive. Children are confident and independent learners because they have easy access to low level furniture and a wide range and variety of exciting toys and play materials, strongly supporting their enjoyment and achievement. Children learn early word recognition through the excellent use of labels on the resources and furniture.

Babies thoroughly enjoy playing with water and exploring the bubbles the water makes. Staff sit with the children at all times and interact well with them, building on their confidence. Children work closely together. They have planted out their own fruit and vegetables and the older children regularly care for plants by giving them water to make them grow. Children have the fruit and vegetables they have grown with their meals. This teaches the children where and how their food is grown.

All children work very well together and the older children are very good role models to the younger children and help them in their play. Children serve themselves their own lunch, and meal times are social occasions where staff sit with the children and talk about what they are having and what effects healthy food has on the body.

Children have their learning extended through the free flow system to the outside area. Staff use this as an extension of the learning experiences they have inside. They also ensure the children have daily access to equipment to promote
the children’s physical development.